Advanced Routing Module

The Advanced Routing module is designed to calculate a set number of routing alternatives for one or multiple pairs of satellite network nodes. The user can specify one or several "source node - destination node" pairs, the number of alternative routes to be calculated for each pair, and provide the list of inactive network nodes.

Based on the connectivity data (i.e., list of active edges with "weights") produced by the SC Modeler at each time step during simulation, and in accordance with the chosen routing criteria, the Advanced Routing module immediately calculates the specified number of routes for each pair of network nodes and posts the generated routing table to a given Web address.

The user can modify the list of nodes to be avoided and other relevant information at any time. As soon as the new input information becomes available, the module starts a new cycle of generating the routing table.

Autonomous Routing

System Requirements

Hardware/Software Requirements
Processor Minimum Pentium 2,266 MHz processor, 2+ CPU cores
Memory (RAM) 2 GB minimum, 8+ GB recommended
Hard disk space 250 MB
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista SP2 or Linux
Other Software Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0+, SC Modeler 3.4+ Network Topology Tool*
USB Port Free USB port.

* - the Advanced Routing Module can be customized by request to be used with other sources of network connectivity data.